Wayside Food Park: Well Done!

Words and Images by Cory Thurman

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Just completed my first official visit of Wayside Food Park. It is really something! They put the effort in making this place as comfortable and customer-friendly as possible.

Enter through the gate on 1st St and be greeted by a building-sized carport with hanging lights, tables, heaters on top of white gravel. But not just any gravel, look closely and you’ll see a pattern of black circles holding the gravel in place. No sliding around and it should keep mud pits from forming when it’s wet outside.

There’s a wide variety of places to eat, ranging from BBQ, homemade popsicles, tea, crepes, bao, donuts, waffles, and a drink stand with restrooms on the back. I tried a banana strawberry popsicle from Frio’s Gourmet Pops. Delicious. Imagine a real fruit smoothie in popsicle form. Next, I decided to try a pizza cone from Moki Hoki. I saw these on TV and thought it would be fun to try. Simply put, it’s like a pizza cooked it in a cone shape, filled with red sauce, cheese, and black olives. It’s fun to eat, kind of like a savory ice cream cone.

The manager greeted me and was happy to tell me about the food park, including that they themselves laid down plastic circles holding the gravel in place. I think this place will be packed when the spring semester begins. Next time, I’ll try a BLT from Bacongate.

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