Choi’s Serves Up “Mindblower” of Flavor Complexity

Words and Images by Greg Deeter

The food we tried tonight at Choi’s Restaurant was excellent and for a fair price. We left full and happy. Adult Entrées run from $6.50 to $8 with kids meals for $4.  Drinks are $1 and were nice and cold, you pick from a reach in cooler.

I ordered the shrimp fried rice and wife ordered the Dolsot Bimbimbat cooked in a hot stone pot.  Sides were Kimchi, Miso soup and very fresh shredded cabbage.  All of these were nice.  There was another side that I will get to in a minute.

My rice was pretty excellent.  Light and fluffy, very flavorful with a large amount of shrimp which surprised me.  It was not too greasy and was  so good that I ate -all- of it there even though it was a large portion.  Wife enjoy (and I tasted) the Dolsot Bimbimbat and it too was finished completely even with a large portion.  All very fresh ingredients.

Now I have no idea what the final side was.  It was some type of marinated deep green heavy leaves which reminded me of tobacco leaves yet the red sauce that they were in was a mind blower with it’s flavor complexity.  Whatever that was I love it!   It’s a flavor I am still thinking of an hour later and will go back for.

This restaurant was very clean, owners quite pleasant. We actually read the sign wrong thinking that they were open from 9am – 11pm, so we went to another store and came back at 9:10 and placed an order for dine in. While waiting (about 10 minutes) for our order we suddenly realized that we got the hours backwards (they are open 11am – 9pm) and even though we came in after they closed they were nice and not put out by us accidentally ordering to eat there after they were closed. When we apologized upon realizing what we had done they got a good laugh as it really didn’t bother them.

This restaurant comes as highly recommended and will now be added to our list of College Station Asian Approved Asian Food.

Choi’s Restaurant
311 Dominik Dr
College Station, Texas 77840

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