The ultimate bond between Tex & Mex: New Texas Brisket at Freebirds

iPad Repair Bryan College Station

Aggieland’s original quirky burrito joint, Freebirds World Burrito, has forged , now available for a limited time at all Bryan-College Station locations. Freebirds mesquite smokes a whole brisket, chops that bad boy, and tosses it in their tangy Badass BBQ Sauce.

With the wide variety of toppings and sauces available at Freebirds, fans can choose to go fully Tex and finish their brisket with BBQ sauce, ranch, pickled jalapenos and roasted corn, lean a little more towards the Mex with guacamole, queso and creamy jalapeno salsa or strike the perfect balance somewhere in between. Flavorful options abound! Fully customizable brisket burritos, tacos, nachos, loaded queso, and more. Oh my!

The Texas Brisket Bowl and Brisket Tacos we tried were awesome! The brisket is tender, diced into the same sized chunks as the standard steak and chicken. The sauce tastes similar to the BBQ sauce I’ve loved getting on my burritos since forever, might be the exact same. The whole avocados on the tacos have a ribbon of jalapeno paste on them. Highly recommend the jalapeno paste, awesome recommend by George, the man who crafted the beautiful tacos and bowl below.



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