Vote for your favorite #BCSTX Korean Restaurant

College Station Restaurant Guide : Korean Restaurants

In the mood for bibimbap, bulgogi, or kimchi? Check the Eat BCS guide to Bryan-College Station Korean eateries.

Burger House 3310 S. College Ave., Bryan, TX • 979-775-2924

Cooking Bulgogi beef with carrots and onions on the grill.

The February edition of Texas Monthly featured just three Bryan-College Station eateries in its highly respected “filter” dining guide: The Republic, Madden’s, and Burger House. The latter is well known for Korean style Bulgogi burgers. While their traditional burgers and fries are great, the Korean Bulgogi burgers are the star, thus their placement on our Korean “best bets” list.

Choi’s Restaurant 311 Dominik Dr, College Station, TX • 979-703-7911


Excerpt from Review of Choi’s Restaurant: “My rice was pretty excellent.  Light and fluffy, very flavorful with a large amount of shrimp which surprised me.  It was not too greasy and was so good that I ate -all- of it there even though it was a large portion.  Wife enjoys (and I tasted) the Dolsot Bibimbap and it too was finished completely even with a large portion.  All very fresh ingredients.”

Master Yakiniku 3700 S. Texas Ave., Bryan, TX • 979-704-6553

You can grill your own meats and veggies right at your table at Master Yakiniku. You can also order awesome Asian fusion appetizers and entrees, a bowl of ramen, and more from this Korean BBQ joint’s well composed and flavorful menu.

Mong Chon Korean Food To Go 900 Harvey Rd., Ste 3, College Station, TX • 979-696-1805

Mong Chon Korean Food To Go is highly rated on facebook review sites like Locals in the know recommend the Dolsot Bibimbap, Maewun Dak, and La Galbi.

Ohana Korean Grill 2501 Texas Avenue South, College Station, TX • 979-680-9911

o (1)

Photo by Greg “Taco Monster” Deeter

Ohana Korean Grill has been a well known “hidden gem” in the foodie community for years. Authentic Korean food. Great quality and service. Convenient at the corner of Texas and Southwest next to Rockies Dancehall.

Shun De Nom Express 2704 Texas Ave. S., College Station, TX • 979-695-6888

Shun De Nom Express is located inside the BCS Food Market on the Northwest corner of 2818 and Texas Avenue. Many local foodies who have tried nearly every Asian and Korean restaurant in Bryan-College Station often rank Shun De Nom tops or among the top few.


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