“A hammock you can eat…” Chris Field reviews Blue Bell’s Key Lime Mango Tart

TAMU lecturer, Disrupting for Good author, and Mercy Project founder Chris field has done what he’s arguably most famous for one more time! That’s right! He just reviewed another new Blue Bell Ice Cream flavor!


Image by Chris Field.

Our friends over at Blue Bell Ice Cream dropped a brand new flavor today. They say it “tastes like summer,” and they’re not wrong. But we can’t stop there. This new flavor is as butt in the sand and toes in the water as it gets. Somewhere, probably in a tropical place with a bowl on his lap and a spoon in his hand, Jimmy Buffett is smiling. Icecreamville, anyone?

Blue Bell describes this flavor as, “key lime ice cream blended with graham cracker crust pieces and mango sauce swirl.” Like Ham from The Sandlot, let’s cannonball right into it.

Key Lime Pie, which traces its roots back to the quirky little town of Key West, Florida, is a stellar starting place for this new dessert lover’s concoction. Key Lime flavor, like Key West, is a little funky but really just works. Like the famous “Boardwalk” of Key West (it’s called Duval Street), there is a lot going on. But not too much. Just relax. Find a spot to sit down. And prepare to be amazed by all of the various happenings.

The graham cracker crust pieces are both plentiful and delicious. I got some in nearly every bite, and it was honestly my favorite part of the ice cream. I am, admittedly, a crust guy. This means that, to me, the crust of most any pie or cobbler is as good as, or even better than, the actual filling part. If you share my love of crusts, prepare to be delighted. If you don’t, no worries, it’s not overwhelming.

Finally, the mango sauce swirl. This part honestly threw me off at first. I wasn’t sure where Blue Bell was going with this seemingly random addition. Boy was I wrong. It was an excellent supplement. And not just because of my affinity for mangos from my days sitting under mango trees in small villages across West Africa! The mango swirl softens what can sometimes make key lime flavor a little tart and adds just the right amount of sweetness to make this a summer hit.

Blue Bell releasing this just as all of us endure the oppressive heat while beginning to feel the school days looming ahead is no accident. It is, at the very least, one last chance to hold on to the last few weeks of summer. It is playful, fresh, and creative. A nod to these long, hot days when the idea of sitting down to an evening bowl of ice cream might just be the thing that gets us through the day. It is a hammock you can eat. A beach day without having to wash off the sand. And the joy of the swimming pool without the hassle and greasiness of sunscreen. Well played, Blue Bell, well played. You’ve just given all of us a reason to believe we can make it through August.


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