Put a “You Have Your Own Lane” sign at University & Texas : Sign the Petition


Put a “You Have Your Own Lane” sign at University & Texas : Sign the Petition >>

If you are heading East on University Drive and decide to take a right on Texas Avenue, there’s no need to stop and wait for a gap in oncoming traffic. See, an additional southbound lane on Texas commences at the University Drive intersection. Since the lane you enter Texas Ave from University commences its existence at the point where you enter, there is no need to “merge” with traffic coming from the South that cannot physically exist as the lane does not exist to the South.

Sometimes, folks stop for minutes waiting for a “gap” causing traffic back-ups. Sometimes, folks appear like they’re “with the program” and then come to a sudden, complete stop, that could cause an inattentive driver to rear-end them…or if the follower is paying attention and catches the “sudden stopper” the person behind her might not be expecting the stop and the follower gets rear-ended. The scenarios for fender-benders and traffic discord are endless.

While the sign meme below is partially in jest, and in part a legit effort to spread the word and help things flow better at Texas and University, it is a seriously good idea.

How about a temporary sign on heavy traffic days letting out of towners know what’s up? Sign the petition and ask the City Council to look into a solution >>

One aside: Sometimes folks waiting for minutes in heavy traffic are trying to cross all three lanes at once real quick to get to the Fuego…instead of just merging and pulling a U at the first light. Hopefully, most of these inconsiderate drivers aren’t Ags, but perhaps a sign letting these folks know that they can go now straight on to the the old Pizza Hut on University to park for the Fuego would also be helpful.


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