Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery up for sale, employees and nonprofit to split proceeds


It was her birthday but it’s the community and her employees who get the gifts.  The sale of a business usually benefits the owner, but in a unique twist, Denise Fries announced that she was seeking a new owner to take her business nationwide – and that she will be giving 50% of the proceeds to her current employees and donating 50% to the Community Foundation of The Brazos Valley to establish The Taylor Fund for Celiac Disease Initiatives.  Her then 11 year old daughter Taylor suffered for years with digestive problems, headaches and fatigue, when she was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease which meant a life-long gluten free diet, but there were no good gluten free options in restaurants and grocery stores.  Fries set out to learn everything she could about Gluten intolerance and to educate the community.  With help from Texas A&M University’s Department of Nutrition and Food Science she developed delicious gluten free recipes using only the highest quality ingredients.  Seven years ago Denise opened Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery, LLC.

The Bryan, TX bakery now has its gluten free products in 597 grocery stores and 36 restaurants, but Fries wants more people in the U.S. to have access to their gluten free hamburger buns, pita bread, cupcakes, cream puffs and 16 other products.  Loving the business like a child, she knows it’s time to bring in a new owner who can take it to the next level.

In a closed bid auction ending July 2, 2018 she is hopeful to find the right buyer that will enable the brand to continue to expand nationwide.  Interested parties should go to www.BuyMyGFBakery.com.  Knowing that it will take everyone’s support to promote this search for the right buyer Fries is offering an additional charitable contribution as a finder’s fee in honor of the person who refers the buyer.  The new owner will be buying all assets, equipment, recipes and contracts.

Giving away the proceeds of the sale to the current employees and Celiac charities feels right to Fries and she credits her employees for their dedication and believes “Everyone deserves to have something wonderful happen to them.”  It would be wonderful if a new owner takes this company across the United States.


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