City of CS Asks Locals to Reach Out to Waffle House Corporate

Thanks in large part to lobbying efforts by the founder of College Station Needs A Waffle House, a recent post on the City of College Station’s official blog by Jennifer Prochazka, the Economic Development Manager for the city, asks locals to lobby for an outlet of the popular breakfast-for-dinner spot venerated throughout the South and SEC Campus Communities.

Prochazka posts: On Monday, I received an email asking a simple question: Why has the City of College Station not reached out to Waffle House or made plans to build one in our community?

Since Waffle House is the mecca of waffle aficionados across much of America, the question is reasonable — and it’s one we hear a lot.

So why don’t we have a Waffle House?

Restaurants such as Waffle House are planned and built by private businesses. We proactively recruit many companies, including restaurants, and we’ve pursued Waffle House for several years. Unfortunately, its management has repeatedly said it has no plans to expand to College Station anytime soon.

The role of the city’s Economic Development department is to identify commercially zoned property with good visibility and access that companies such as Waffle House would find attractive. We then help that business navigate our development and permitting processes.

I’m a big fan of waffles and would love to see a Waffle House in College Station. If you have an influential contact who could change the company’s decision and bring a location here, you’d be a local hero.

Get to work!

According to an online petition started by the group, “College Station is the only SEC school host city without a Waffle House.” Their goal is to help “end this great wrong!”

Join the College Station Needs a Waffle House group on Facebook

Sign the Petition to Bring a Waffle House to College Station


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