Chef Tai Brings Gourmet Dining To A Parking Lot Near You

Chef Tai’s Mobile Gourmet goes above and beyond typical food truck fare with items like their specialty Kobe burger for just $9, a 6 oz American Kobe beef patty on a sweet brioche bun smothered in black pepper sauce and sauteed mushrooms and onions, then topped with arugula, cheddar cheese and truffle aioli. Other popular items include Korean BBQ short ribs, Vietnamese Bánh Mì style sandwiches ($8 each), and much more.

Fine dining is hitting the streets with style—see for yourself at Chef Tai’s Mobile Gourmet.

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Contact & Location

Chef Tai Mobile Gourmet Food Truck
Find them in a parking lot near you. Look for the schedule online or look for the crowds around the truck.


“I typically get a Kobe burger since it’s really delicious. Sometimes, if I’m adventurous, I get one of their other specials, but you can never go wrong with the Kobe burger. In terms of price, it slightly borders on the reach of a typical college student’s budget, as it usually costs $8-$10 for a meal, but it’s totally worth the price.” – Paul T. via

“I’m addicted to the Calamari Tacos which isn’t a regular menu item but shows up every other week or so. Crispy calamari and the amazing Asian Slaw wrapped up nicely in a corn tortilla. I always tell myself to stop after the second taco but never do. The Short Rib baguette is also delicious! My gluten-free friend crowd has been impressed by the gluten free offerings. Between us we’ve had the short rib meat, pulled pork and kobe burgers—all delicious! The food is awesome, portions are large and the price is great. The staff at the food truck have always been friendly and quite social. Hoping to make it into Veritas sometime soon to try out Chef Tai’s other creations.” – Samantha A. via Yelp

“I’ve been to Chef Tai’s many, many times, and the food is always excellent. The Korean BBQ short rib baguette sandwich is always a winner, but the tacos are great, too. Their specials are interesting and yummy, too (pork schnitzel, calamari tacos, kobe burger, etc.) —and you get a ton of food for your money!” – Erica T. via


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