Blackwater Draw to Close Northgate Location, Expand Downtown Bryan Brewery

The following was posted on the Blackwater Northgate Facebook page:

Howdy folks,

We are sorry to report that we will be closing our doors at this location after Sunday, May 13th. We have enjoyed serving you and appreciate all the business and experiences over the past 5 years.

Our lease expires at the end of May. We have made the decision not to renew it due to the rising cost of rent and the more than doubling of our property taxes.

We are sad to see it go and it was very hard to break the news to our wonderful staff. Our plan is to move forward by expanding our brewing facility in Downtown Bryan. We will be moving many of our brewing tanks down there and expanding our beer line up in the market. Our passions first and foremost has always been beer. Our goal was to always grow the beer beyond the walls of our “little house” on Northgate.

We are excited for the upcoming opportunities in Downtown Bryan as the North side begins to develop over the next couple of years. We are already being asked if we are doing food at the brewery. The short answer is no. The longer answer is yes. We understand the importance of food to our brand and will launch a food aspect to the brewery in the future.

For now, we are going to push through this last 2 weeks and hope to see you all one last time at this location before closing the doors. Thank you all for your business and more importantly for the friendships we have made along the way.

Remember, we’re not leaving. We’re still just down the road.

**For all the restaurants that are serving up Sunday Brunch, you’re welcome 🙂


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