Boredom Led To An Exciting Dish at Caffe Capri


Caffe Capri owner Rami Cerone looks back on how his first and still most popular house specialty dish came into existence:

My ‘first’ recipe that became a success – the Tortellini alla Capri. I began Caffe’ Capri not knowing how to cook – my parents were in the restaurant business so I started out with basic recipes from their old menus. My dad came and cooked our marinara while my mom gave us the Alfredo cream recipe. I was here all of the time back in those days and consequently, I ate all of my meals here. One day, I got bored and wanted to try something new. So I went to the store, picked up some ravioli, bought shrimp and learned how to make a pesto sauce. It was pretty good / but needed something. I experimented with friends and employees and came up with this final rendition and made a dinner special. It started selling really well so I added it to the menu. Not once in those 20 years since I have had this dish has it failed to be the best selling dish – always at least double of this plate sold versus whatever sells second best.

So, thanks to my bored palate at 23 years old, the Tortellini alla Capri was created. And it is here to stay.


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