Authentic Mexican Food, Fast & Fresh: Taqueria El Nopalito on MLK


My first visit to Taqueria El Nopalito, on MLK at the North end of Downtown Bryan, was with two of the people I trust most when it comes to food in Aggieland, Charles Stover of Stober Bros. fame and Will Smith, formerly of The Village Cafe. Smith couldn’t stop raving about the taco greatness of El Nopalito, rumored to exceed even the mighty Taqueria El Tio around the corner. Stover was on a diet, but the lure of the tacos ultimately won the day.

That 1am taco run from Revs became the start of a regular love affair between me and El Nopalito. My favorite is the Brisket Taco. They make the tacos street style, wrapping them all up together in foil so they keep each other nice and warm. Cilantro, onions and meat on your chioce of tortilla…simple goodness! Huge Bonus! They give you charro beans for FREE while you wait for your meal to be cooked.

Words by David Flash. Images by David Flash and Greg “Taco Monster” Deeter.


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