Board the Boat for Great Food in a Fun Setting

Shipwreck Grill is located in the “boat building” (building that looks like a boat) on Villa Maria. Diners the on expansive patio (where dogs are welcome and live music and events are known to occur) can feel a little like they’re sitting on a ship’s deck as they sail through West Bryan.

The last time I went to Shipwreck, I had their Grilled Fish Tacos, which were wicked good: Corn Tortillas with Grilled Fish, lettuce, cheese, cilantro and onion mix, green tomatillo salsa and Shipwreck Sauce. Spicy and flavorful, leaving me want to order them again tonight. Instead, I made myself try something new and was glad I did.

This visit, I tried the Blackened fish Grand Isle: Blackened Talapia smothered in our award winning crawfish etouffee, served with grilled veggies, a side salad and french bread. It was delicious and a very light yet satisfying meal.

Next time, I want to go on a “cheat day” and try something fried. The fried stuff on the menu sounds sooooo good! Considering how tasty the “healthy” stuff I’ve been getting is, their “calories to the wind” entrees have to be delish!…worthy of using a “cheat meal”…can’t wait!


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