Khairallah Halal Meat Now Open On Texas Avenue

Local foodie and reviewer Greg Deeter reports on a new Halal Meat Market and Grocery on Texas Avenue in Bryan…

Now this is a really nice thing to discover: Khairallah Halal Meat at 3525 Texas Avenue S. in Bryan.

I had seen the sign several times but no open sign so I wasn’t sure if it was a sign left over from a previous business I didn’t remember, or if it was new. Today there was an open sign and the front door was open (nice weather). Popped in for a look and found a cute little butcher shop with a great selection of spices. And a friendly cashier.  The place could use a little paint touch up but it was very clean. They also have an interesting looking frozen section cooler.

Unfortunately I was not headed somewhere with a fridge so was not able to pick up what I really wanted, chicken. Want to see how the quality here stacks up vs. the chains.

Quite excited to find this and it’s going to be easy to shop here as the posted hours say they are open until 8 pm. So now with Fred & Fred Seafood market by Farm patch we can get a wider range of fish than from the evil HEB and now in addition to Readfields that carries Halal Lamb, here we have beef and chicken.

I hope people support this place, I plan on it. Kinda looks like it’s not even there from outside, no NOW OPEN sign or anything but they said it just opened two months ago. I guess this is something people need to learn of word of mouth. Right next door to Fatty’s Smoke Shop on Texas Avenue in Bryan.


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