Gourmet to Greasy Spoon: 20 Restaurants Every Foodie Must Try In Aggieland

While there are a ton of great restaurants in Aggieland, with more opening every day. Here are our top 20 “must tastes” at Eat BCS.

1. Shiraz Shish Kabob


If you like being a carnivore, you will love Shiraz Shish Kabob. Read complete EatBCS.com review.

2. Grub Burger Bar


Stepping into Grub Burger Bar, the modern, high-end interior finishes evoke an urban feel making you think, for a second, you could be in a big city like New York or LA. However, when the folks at grub greet you at the counter with a sincere smile, and kindly explain the menu and make enthusiastic recommendations, you know you’re in Aggieland. Read complete EatBCS.com review.

3. The Village Cafe

17498811_10154324444811700_4423468773582061107_n (3)

Breakfast and lunch at The Village Cafe in Historic Downtown Bryan is an experience in itself: with their made-from-scratch staples, farm fresh ingredients and their emphasis on all things local, they give a little extra love to your daily routine. But they’re not stopping there. Read about the Village Cafe’s new Dinner Service.

4. Cafe Eccell


If you ask folks who are into brunch where the best brunch in Aggieland is, they will likely mention Cafe Eccell as a contender if not their very favorite. Nine times out of ten. Read more about the famous Cafe Eccell Brunch.

5. Madden’s Casual Gourmet


While the menu is simple, the soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees all feel delightfully, creatively complex. I ordered the Grilled meat loaf served on a bed of sautéed cabbage with corn bread and hand made mashed potatoes on the side, topped with a flavorful but not overpowering tomato sauce. Read complete Madden’s review.

6. Fuego Tortilla Grill


Don’t let the crowd scare you off though, the folks at Fuego are very quick, both at the counter and the drive through. You will be tasting fresh cooked Mexican food within a few minutes no matter how busy they look. Continue reading Eat BCS review.

7. Blackwater Draw


While Blackwater Draw Brewing Company is becoming well known for their locally brewed beers, they are also considered to be one of the best restaurants in town according to locals, students, and review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor. Here’s a look at some of their kitchen’s recent mouth-watering daily specials.

8. Antonio’s Pizza


Antonio’s Pizza By The Slice has been adding flavor to the Northgate scene since 2003. While you CAN get an “normal” 1 or 2 topping pie, Antonio’s stands out for their specialty slices and pies. Click for a few mouth watering examples of recent specialty slices of the day at Antonio’s.

9. Blue Baker


Founded in 2001 in College Station, Texas, Blue Baker is cool, blue, contemporary, artisan bakery cafe serving made from-scratch breads, pastries, sandwiches, soup, salads and stone-oven pizza. They recently made the EatBCS.com quest for the best pizza in B/CS.

10. Babe’s Donuts


Babe’s Doughnut Co. is now open at 3409 Texas Avenue, Bryan, TX. The former owner of Kai’s Doughnuts is the proprietor of Babe’s. You can also get Babe’s products fresh daily at Gogh Gogh Coffee Company in south College Station.

11. Fargo’s Pit BBQ


The owners were both working behind the counter helping customers and were very friendly, noticeably so, but not smarmy…just good, kind people serving the food they love. They live up to the praise they get from Texas Monthly.

12. Koppe Bridge


Simple, no-frills, traditional burgers that have been called the best in town and even ranked in the state by several media outlets. Fries are fresh cut. Atmosphere is hunting lodge chic. They made the EatBCS.com Best Burgers List.

13. Mickey’s Sliders


Big taste comes in small packages at Mickey’s Sliders, a College Station eatery and food truck focused on gourmet mini-burgers, a.k.a sliders. In addition to a mini version of awesome All-American Cheeseburger, Mickey’s menu features over a dozen specialty sliders and innovative sides like venison chili cheese fries.

14. Layne’s Chicken Fingers


When a place keeps the menu simple and names the joint after the main menu item (i.e. In-N-Out Hamburgers or Layne’s Chicken Fingers) you know it’s gonna be good.

15. Sweet Eugene’s


The Monterrey Turkey Panini with mesquite turkey, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing on spicy hawiian bread and chips served on the side makes a tasty light lunch. As does the Chicken Caesar Wrap served warm with roasted chicken, provolone, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and ceasar dressing at Sweet Eugene’s.

16. Messina Hof Winery


Messina Hof is a family owned winery based on the 3 cornerstones of family, tradition, & romance. Est in 1977. Most awarded winery in Texas.

17. Casa Rodriguez


Tacos, enchiladas, margaritas, queso & good people in Downtown Bryan. Casa Rod has been a local legend since 1978.

18. Caffe Capri

14397225_10207134041328768_652082709_n (1)

Caffe Capri is a beautiful and cozy restaurant in downtown Bryan. The menu has all the classic Italian dishes you could ever want. And if longevity is any indicator, the people of Bryan-College Station want them a lot, so much that they’ve been in business for 21 years this week. The restaurant was founded by Aggie Rami Cerone right after he graduated from Texas A&M University.

19. Taqueria El Nopalito


20. Veritas


How about some live jazz music, creative and delectable food and excellent service on a Friday night? Try Veritas, you will be so glad you did!


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