Blackwater Brews Good Times in Downtown Bryan

Anyone whom has enjoyed the premiere micro brewery in the history of Northgate should know that Blackwater Draw has expanded above and beyond the brewpub and (excellent) restaurant in College Station.

Blackwater Draw Brew (a full scale brewery now the largest in Bryan) opened to the public in December. A friend of mine and I took a brief tour of the facility (friendly staff) and in my opinion it is one of the most exciting new things to do in downtown Bryan. The taproom is beautiful  with it’s glossy red floor and the entrance door reminded me of the corner bars that pepper what appears to be over half of the street corners in Chicago, similar to back during the steel boom.

What is nice about this Brewery is that they will let you take you beer out on the street to go.  See, Bryan Texas doesn’t have any laws about open public consumption so this is a nice compliment to the atmosphere of downtown Bryan, right there on main street.

Sure to be a smash hit as it’s perhaps the coolest thing I have seen open as part of the revitalization of Historical Downtown Bryan, yet for the local beer scene.

Easy to park with free street spaces and very little traffic.

While they do not serve food you can take your beer with you and walk to many great places to eat just a few blocks away.

Words by Greg “Taco Monster” Deeter


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