The Legend Returns! Lovin’ Sloppy Joe’s on Tabor

o (1)Everyone should eat at Sloppy Joe’s! This is not the Joe’s in Wixon Valley (which is great too). This is the return of one of the oldest foodie / chefs in the history of College Station. Ever heard of Ruffino Meats? Joe designed their sausage. Years ago.

Sloppy Joe’s is now at 3629 Tabor Rd., Bryan, TX 77808.

Was talking to one of my favorite auto shop owners (Stratta) and he knows I love good burgers. He started to tell me the history of Joe and the Sloppy Joe’s that used to be out on Texas Ave S in Bryan.  Joe has some followers as in old school residents of Bryan / College Station, and opening his newest restaurant is totally historical for the BCS food scene.

I picked up a Delux burger and enjoy the friendly staff in the few minutes I had.  The Delux burger is an old Texas style like Whataburger yet extremely fresh and local. It ranks right up there with the best. And it’s old and new at the same time.

Words & Images by Greg “Taco Monster” Deeter


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