Michoacana Taqueria: “Mind Blowing” Good Mexican Food

l-3The Michoacana Taqueria is a fairly new Latin American / Mexican Restaurant located inside the new Michoacana Supermarket.  A friend whose parents used to own the grocery store that was here before (sold it and moved back to Cali) had told me that when the new owners opened they were gonna have a restaurant inside.

While in the area finally got a chance to check it out. We ate the pastor, beef fajita and barbacoa tacos on flour ($1.65) each, chicken and cheese tamales, and a mind blowing fresh made to order Latin American Queso Pupusa.

The tacos were served from hot holds and then you add your own toppings from the bar like onions, cilantro, marinated purple onions, pico, limes or cucumbers. Cucumbers? Yes. There are also four types of sauce that you ladle on, two red and two green. The tacos were huge and filling but needed some salt as the meats were starting to dry out. I think this is a viable lunch location when the meats are fresher.  Tamales also showed the tell tale signs of having been in the hot hold for too long as they were drying out, needed salt but were huge for the $1.65 each.

Now, here’s a 5 star gem: The Latin American Pupusa. Ours was vegetarian (cheese only) and was absolutely mind blowing! It was made from scratch and flat grilled (see photos) with a rich slaw that contained raw fresh sage leaves, and a lot of it. There are only two other places in Bryan / College Station that sell Latin American food and those are Centro American Restaurant & Pupuseria on Dominik in College Station and La Unión Tienda y Restaurante in Bryan. This pupusa absolutely rocked and is different yet just as good as those. Vegetarians should be aware that they offer two types, queso (cheese) and Chicharrón (pork fat).

So, go here, order the Pupusas at the register and enjoy some of the finest and most unique fresh made to order Latin American in Aggieland.

Words and Images by Greg “Taco Monster” Deeter


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