Fargo’s BBQ Lives Up to Texas Monthly Praise

Since Texas Monthly ordained Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Bryan as one of the top ‘cue joints in the Lone Star State, my mouth has been watering to give it a try.

Today I stopped by their relatively new location on Texas Avenue to give ’em a try and the dining room was full. Their old location didn’t even have a dining room and the nice, fancy new location makes it difficult to call the place a “hole in the wall” of the variety that the best food always seems to come out of.

Despite the new digs, Fargo’s brisket, sausage and sides lived up to their reputation. The brisket was perfectly cooked with a flavorful rub creating a nice outer shell that sealed in all the good juices, making it moist and tender. There was a “different” quality about the sauce I couldn’t put my finger on…maybe a touch more vinegar than typical…not sure…but it was goooooood!

The side selection is scant with only four options. I went for the Potato Salad and Red Beans. Both were excellently prepared, proving that focusing on doing just a few menu items very well is a recipe for a successful restaurant with happy diners. The potato salad had a little mustard and just the right amount of pepper. The red beans were the same kind that come in red beans and rice and they, also were excellent. Only thing that could have made ’em better is some rice to put ’em on.

The owners were both working behind the counter helping customers and were very friendly, noticeably so, but not smarmy…just good, kind people serving the food they love.

Nixon the pup says they deserve six stars and I tend to agree…


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