Blue Bell Sweet & Salty Crunch Ice Cream “More Converse All Stars than Nike Jordans”

Mercy Project Director, Texas A&M Lecturer, Marathon Runner, and Disrupting for Good author Chris Field has a hobby that has earned him national notoriety: Chris is an extremely brand-loyal Ice Cream reviewer. Chris samples and reviews Blue Bell Ice Cream in a deliciously hilarious manner known to go viral and clear grocers’ shelves of the Blue Bell flavors he deems worthy of a review. Google “Ice Cream Reviewer” and Field comes up as the second result on page one.

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Here’s the July 17, 2017 review of Blue Bell Ice Cream Bride’s Cake Ice Cream, the third viral review along Field’s path to internet fame as an Ice Cream Reviewer:

Here is my independent review of Blue Bell Ice Cream‘s new Sweet ‘n Salty Crunch which was rolled out last week in honor of National Ice Cream day (it was yesterday). As always, I was not paid for this review other than the reward of being able to eat a big bowl of ice cream just so I could get on the internet and talk about it.

Blue Bell describes its newest flavor as vanilla flavored ice cream with chocolate coated pretzel bites, chopped roasted almonds and milk chocolate chunks. Now if that description gets a big “meh,” out of you—you’re not alone. My wife is 6 months pregnant, and even she called from HEB and was like, “Are you SURE this is the flavor you want me to get?” So I get it. But all I’m asking for here is a chance.

Can we start by taking a moment of silence for the goodness that is vanilla ice cream? I know we’ve got all these fancy new flavors, and chocolate yada, yada, but vanilla ice cream is still the original and best. If ice cream was a time machine, vanilla is the flavor that takes you back to sit in the rocking chair on your grandparent’s back porch. Just good old fashioned simple life.

The chopped roasted almonds are, well, chopped roasted almonds. A solid but not spectacular addition to many desserts.

And milk chocolate chunks are, well, milk chocolate chunks. Nice, add a little flavor, but I don’t see most people grabbing a plain Hershey’s bar when they’re shopping the candy aisle at Bucee’s on a roadtrip.

So this entire review, just like this new flavor of ice cream, is going to hinge on the chocolate coated pretzel bites. I know Blue Bell PR probably wouldn’t let them say it, but these are really little chocolate balls with pretzel in the middle (as an aside: any Three Amigos fans out there? How can you tell it’s a mail plane? The little balls. Ha ha). And this ice cream, at least our half gallon, was chock full of these little chocolate balls with pretzel in the middle. And thank goodness—because these little rascals save the (national ice cream) day. Without them, this flavor is dead in the water. But with them, Blue Bell may have just pulled it off again.

Look, this flavor is not the sexy new car on the block that turns all the heads (looking at you Cookie Two Step). And it’s not even the hot new couple that everybody wants to watch on the dance floor (looking at you Bride’s and Groom’s Cake). But like the old pair of Levi’s hanging on the edge of the hamper, it actually feels pretty good. It’s more San Antonio Riverwalk than the Strip in Las Vegas. More your grandma’s pot roast than filet mignon. More Converse All Stars than Nike Jordans. Heck, this flavor is more John Stockton than Michael Jordan. You get my point. It’s not flashy, it’s not going to get the paparazzi to show up, and it’s not going to make the front page of the New York Times. But that’s part of the allure.

Actually, come to think of it, this flavor reminds me a lot of Brenham, Texas (the humble home of Blue Bell Ice Cream). Just a bunch of good ‘ol folks, not looking for attention, who are willing to roll their sleeves up and get to work. A nice combination of tasty and tasteful. A good mix of flavorful and funky. So tip of the hat to you Blue Bell, you might have come up with a new flavor that’s as down to earth and unassuming as you are.


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