Amico Nave : Ambience, Food, Service… They Nailed It!

Since Amico Nave opened, I have been hearing wonderful things about Bryan’s newest Italian Restaurant. As one friend put it, the proprietors of the popular Shipwreck Grill “raised the bar” for the local restaurant scene when they opened Amico across the street.

Walking in, I was very impressed with the atmosphere, elegant and tasteful without feeling the least bit stuffy. The staff welcomed me and confirmed that they had the same pet friendly policy as their sister restaurant and my dog would be welcome to dine with me on their patio.

I was seated immediately and our waitress Paige was super nice, taking time to tell me about  all of their house specialty dishes and not making me feel hurried at all as I asked questions and tried to decide amongst all the yummy sounding options.

Taking my order was the only part of the service that wasn’t hurried. I was greeted and seated immediately and once I ordered my lunch emerged from the kitchen in mere minutes.

For the first of what I am sure will be many visits to Amico Have, I ordered Spaghetti and Meatball, one of their specialties. The preceding sentence contains no typos, MeatBALL is right, as in just one giant, baseball sized meatball. The half pork and half beef ball was perfectly seasoned and cooked evenly all the way through, despite its enormity. The Spaghetti was cooked perfectly, not over-cooked and mushy as seems to be the case sometimes at other places we’ve tried. I was concerned the sauce might be too sweet because the recipes are from the local owner’s family and “Bry-talian” marinara sauce can be super-sweet, but it had a nice hint of a kick to it, balanced perfectly with its sweetness.

The meal was also accompanied by complimentary Garlic Bread Knots that were blissful. My dog seconds my review of the knots, sampling two of them while I enjoyed a nice cup of fresh brewed coffee after lunch.

My friend’s assessment was correct, Amico Nave definitely raises the bar for the local restaurant scene. Both Nixon the dog and I are looking forward to returning to the Amico Nave patio very soon.


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