Soft Opening Taste of Bonappetea on Northgate

By Jon Howell of College Station Needs A Waffle House

We went last night during the Bonappetea soft opening. And there is so much on the menu we stared for a while trying to figure it out. 5 sandwiches, 4 chips and 5 drinks. Let’s see. Two of the specials have pork belly and chicken. Two chicken. One straight pork. All exceptionally good.

Now we did learn a lesson. Read the menu. The sandwiches have jalapeno and the wife was not prepared. The rest of us were fine. Just enough bite but not anything to bring you to your knees. Next time (and we will be back) she will order hers without the peppers. We had 1 mango smoothie, one green milk tea, one Oreo smoothy and two passion fruit smoothies. All very yummy. I have to admit that I wanted to add Rum to the fruit smoothies.

Place is clean and well lit. Staff is extremely friendly. Very happy with our new restaurant in town. A thought/suggestion. Americans for dinner time tend to eat big meals. It might be a good idea to offer a larger size for an extra couple dollars for the big Americans like us. The size is perfect for lunch.


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