Investment in Cranberry Juice Brings Big Returns

Bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry JuiceThe best thing I have purchased in a while was some cranberry juice from the convenience store.

I got more out of that purchase than I have purchasing things that are supposed to make people feel really great like cars and gadgets and other shiny stuff.

I am not knocking cars and gadgets, but they don’t fill my heart with gratitude the way being blessed with the opportunity to buy a couple cranberry juices for somebody who likes cranberry juice and got a milk instead with her Meals on Wheels does. She was so kind. She just said “PLEASE tell them I really do drink the cranberry juice.” She mentioned it had been missing the last 2 days.

She was the second to last stop on my route. After I delivered one more meal a few doors down, I went to the convenience store and got her some juice. Less than five bucks and five minutes made a difference in her day. She remembered it the following week and brought up how much she appreciated it.

I am thankful for a work life that allows me to do things like my Meals on Wheels route. I am thankful for the knowledge that those 2 bottles of cranberry juice and the extra time to make her lunchtime better that day were the best investment opportunity I had seen in a while.

To volunteer with Meals on Wheels Brazos County, call 979-823-2203.


One thought on “Investment in Cranberry Juice Brings Big Returns

  1. Hello David,

    Just received your post about the Cranberry Juice. I, too, delivered meals on

    wheels several years ago. Yes it was rewarding doing “the little extras” for the folks

    that got the meals . I have also delivered the food from the Church Food Pantry to

    the Elders. That was also very interesting – to drive up and observe some sitting on

    their porch smoking their cigarette. Ha! Crazy world we live in.

    Thanks, Bea



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