Hopdoddy Oktoberfest Burger Features Schnitzel Patty and Whole Grain Mustard

The awesome folks over at Hopdoddy sent the Eat BCS crew a mouth-watering invitation to try their limited edition Oktoberfest burger and other goodies from the menu. Hopdoddy opened their doors this September in the Century Square development across from Texas A&M.

The Oktoberfest burger is crafted with a beer bread bun, a spiced pork schnitzel patty, swiss, sweet & sour cabbage and whole grain mustard. The president of the Hopdoddy fan club, aka the associate who took our order, suggested countering the spiciness of the schnitzel and mustard with an add-on of fresh avocado. His sage advice made a great burger perfect. The schnitzel patty is breaded in gluten-free panko crumbs so the patty has a nice crunchy texture and a more-than-mild level of spiciness, while remaining a few levels below their true “mouth burner” burgers that fans of really hot stuff flock to Hopdoddy for.

Where To Get It : Click to Visit Hopdoddy Burger Bar (College Station, TX) on Facebook

The Buffalo Bill features a bison patty, apple-smoked bacon, blue cheese, jack cheese, Frank’s hot sauce, and sassy sauce. You can choose any patty you want with any burger and many folks sub out a chicken patty in the Buffalo Bill. We went with the menu version. The hot sauce and the blue cheese flavors played well together. We loved the bison, but can see the attraction of turning it into a chicken sandwich. But it might be too good and ruin us for our favorite wing joint if we did. 

We split an order of Green Chile Queso Fries. In addition to the queso, we got their honey mustard on the side on the recommendation of a friend. The honey mustard could become an object of craving for lovers of great condiments, fair warning. The fries were fresh cut, from Kennebec potatoes, the same varietal In-N-Out Burger uses, dusted with Hopdoddy’s own blend of salt and spices. 

Speaking of spice, there’s just a hint of cinnamon in the house made vanilla custard that Hopdoddy uses to make milkshakes. The over-sized straw was great for inhaling the thick shake mixed with a porphyry of intact Oreo chunks and coarse ground Oreo bits.

Note to the folks at Hopdoddy: Keep on keepin’ on and consider any future invites to try your specialty burgers enthusiastically accepted in advance. 


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