TAMU Lowers Concession Prices at Kyle Field

Texas A&M football fans will benefit at the concession stands this year during Aggie football games at Kyle Field as the price for a 20-ounce bottle of water has been reduced to $2 and a $25 “Value Pack” of hot dogs, popcorn, and any combination of four drinks (soft drinks or water) will be available. Both bargains debuted at the first home football game, Sept. 9, at 6 p.m., against Nicholls State.


The new prices were made possible through a reduction in revenue share on the university’s portion of concession proceeds, a choice that Texas A&M University President Michael K. Young and administration considered this year in order to make the game-day experience more affordable and enjoyable.

“We are grateful to our many loyal supporters of Aggie athletics,” remarked President Young, “and hope that they will more fully enjoy their time at Kyle Field, known nationwide as one of the best college game-day experiences in the nation.”

“We appreciate this initiative for our fans,” said Scott Woodward, Texas A&M Director of Athletics, “and are pleased that it will carry through to all other Aggie sporting events as well. This would not have happened without the administration and President Young’s involvement.”

Levy, the official food and hospitality vendor of Kyle Field, will invest in additional refrigeration and other equipment to support any resulting growth in demand. The $25 Value Pack will be available at select locations in Kyle Field while the $2 water is available at all concession stands in the stadium. Fans will still be permitted to bring their own sealed water bottles into all university sporting events.


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