Taco The Town: 10 of B/CS’s Best Taco Places

Here’s our guide to some of the best tacos in the Brazos Valley. Excerpts from complete articles on our favorite tacos are included below, click on the links for the whole story on each featured taco eatery. Happy eating!

Mad Taco Stands Out For Its Tortillas… & Lack Thereof

The Chile Rubbed Salmon Taco featured seared salmon with cheese, avocado, marinated red onion, chile oil and cilantro aioli. It was all wrapped up in one of the best tortillas I had ever tasted. About the thickness of a Gordita shell, warm, soft, slightly sweet, heavenly!

Proudest Monkey Makes Monster Tacos

Had a breakfast taco and a brisket taco. They were big, really big, but I ate every bite because they were good, REALLY GOOD!

Taco Crave : A Simple Menu to Rave About

The menu is simple, choose your item and choose your meat. I had the three taco plate that also came with rice or fideo and your choice of refried or charro beans. Tacos are street style and my Carne Guisada, Spicy Carintas, and Brisket/Chipotle Chicken (mixed per the cook’s recommendation) Tacos were all flavorful and “crave worthy.”

Taqueria El Nopalito: Authentic Mex, Fast & Fresh

That 1am taco run from Revs became the start of a regular love affair between me and El Nopalito. My favorite is the Brisket Taco. They make the tacos street style, wrapping them all up together in foil so they keep each other nice and warm. Cilantro, onions and meat on your chioce of tortilla…simple goodness!

Taqueria El Tio : Hidden Gem In Bryan Offers Fresh, No Frills Mexican Fare

If you weren’t looking for it, you’d likely drive right by this humble looking Mexican eatery without even noticing it’s there. Luckily for them, and local Mexican food afficionados, lots of people know right where to go for their El Tio fix, as they more than make up for what they lack in location and signage with excellent, fresh-made food at very fair prices.

Tacobar On Wellborn: Marinated Meats Make The Menu

That’s the simple formula The Tacobar is executing to earn rave reviews for their newly opened Taqueria, specializing in authentic, border-style Mex fare.

Napa Flats, Tacos NorCal Style

I had the Coronado Fish Tacos and the bartender recommended a great dark beer to go with them – 1554 made by New Belgium. The fish in the tacos was nicely seared with a very, very light coating. It was moist and had the perfect texture. As you can see from the picture, the tacos are filled to overflowing with lots of tasty veggies and a slice of fresh avocado. The black beans were tender and flavorful. The tortilla chips were fresh and crispy.

Fuego Tortilla Grill : Fresh, Hand Made Mexican Food… Fast!

I got a little adventurous on this visit and tried the Dr. Pepper Cowboy ($3.79) taco with brisket, grilled onions, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, chipotle Cream corn and jack cheese on a hot, thick, hand made flour tortilla. The brisket was impressively prepared, tender and flavorful enough to be the pride of a small town barbecue joint. The chipotle cream corn and barbecue sauce were a perfect compliment to the brisket. I like a lot of sauce and flavor and the Dr. Pepper Cowboy did not disappoint. While eating this saucy taco had the potential to be a messy affair if the tortilla were to break, that didn’t happen and is unlikely to because the tortillas are so darned thick.

Michoacana Taqueria Is “Mind Blowing” Good

The tacos were served from hot holds and then you add your own toppings from the bar like onions, cilantro, marinated purple onions, pico, limes or cucumbers. Cucumbers? Yes. There are also four types of sauce that you ladle on, two red and two green.

Chef Tai Brings Gourmet Dining To A Parking Lot Near You

I’m addicted to the Calamari Tacos which isn’t a regular menu item but shows up every other week or so. Crispy calamari and the amazing Asian Slaw wrapped up nicely in a corn tortilla. I always tell myself to stop after the second taco but never do.


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