Urban Bricks Pizza Review by Local Foodie Group


Photo by Jon Howell

College Station Needs A Waffle House group founder Jon Howell and several active members of the facebook group dedicated to bringing a Waffle House to BCS and discussing all things food recently met up at Urban Bricks (College Station, TX). Here’s what Jon had to say about the experience:

We hit up Urban Bricks and gave them a nice shakeout. So some positives. The store is very bright and clean and well lit and open. Very inviting. The food. Well you have a couple options. Pizza, full salad and then side salads.

Look you get a Pizza for $8.50 that is hard to beat. But for $1.50 you add a nice side salad.

So they have a list of standard Pizza’s but I am a “create your own” kind of guy. The topping options are just about everything you can want except Anchovies (trust me you don’t want anchovies).

You get to chose between Garlic Oil, Red, Spicy Red and Alfredo sauce for your pie. After that just about everything you could think of. Your salad can have romaine, spinach or Spring mix green and here again all sort of topping. Adding chicken or other meat (not bacon it is free) cost $2 extra. They have beers and wines and a very nice assortment of Gelato.

At the end they have a hand washing machine that is so cool you got to give it a try. My own humble opinion is that RX Pizza might have a better pie but Urban Bricks has a better deal. It is a fun place to get a pie and it is only two minutes after you pie is built until the cooking is done so do not wander far away.


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