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Since it first opened, Caffe Capri has been wowing diners with their classic Italian dishes, as well as modern interpretations and local flavor twists.

You’ll love their spaghetti with marinara ($6.00) and the Cajun tortellini ($9.25), two starkly different dishes that hit all the right flavor notes. The lunch menu offers many of the same pasta dishes you’ll find at dinner, as well as additional salads and sandwiches, including the savory meatball sandwich ($5.50) and the crisp calamari Caesar salad ($6.95). The dinner menu offers a few more refined dishes, including decadent ingredients like tender lobster and Norwegian salmon. No matter what you order, save room for desserts like chocolate toffee mousse, tiramisu, cheesecake, and cannoli!

Give Caffe Capri a try and you’ll see why this casual and affordable Italian restaurant has won the…

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