Take A Tasty West Coast Trip Without Leaving Aggieland at Napa Flats

I think I was transported to Northern California for lunch today. I sat at the bar at Napa Flats looking out at the lovely patio with its pretty umbrellas and the huge water feature.
The patio is dog-friendly, too. My dog Tutu and I have eaten out there many times.
I had the Coronado Fish Tacos and the bartender recommended a great dark beer to go with them – 1554 made by New Belgium. New Belgium describes it as “Bitter Chocolate and Toasty Sweetness”. Yes!
The fish in the tacos was nicely seared with a very, very light coating. It was moist and had the perfect texture. As you can see from the picture, the tacos are filled to overflowing with lots of tasty veggies and a slice of fresh avocado. The black beans were tender and flavorful. The tortilla chips were fresh and crispy.
The bar and wait staff at Napa Flats are always friendly and professional. They know the menu and beverage offerings very well and are always happy to recommend something for you.
As I have walked by the open kitchen I’ve noticed that there is always someone there checking every dish before it is served to a patron. I like that attention to detail and quality. I was enjoying my time in the restaurant so much I decided to have a cappuccino to prolong my stay. It was rich and smooth and I just love the feel of a large, heavy coffee mug in my hands.

Treat yourself to a brief vacation to Northern California and enjoy a meal at Napa Flats.
Words by Anna Perkinson

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