Fuego Tortilla Grill : Fresh, Hand Made Mexican Food… Fast!

After visiting Fuego Tortilla Grill a few times, you will notice one thing about the place: It’s always busy! No matter if you’re stopping by for a noon lunch or a 2am snack on the way home from a night out, you won’t be alone. The secret is out about Fuego, which means “fire” in Spanish, and it’s living up to it’s name as one of the hottest restaurants in town.

Don’t let the crowd scare you off though, the folks at Fuego are very quick, both at the counter and the drive through. You will be tasting fresh cooked Mexican food within a few minutes no matter how busy they look.

I recently stopped by for dinner and was promptly greeted at the door and handed a menu to browse while I waited in line. It’s nice being greeted personally and nicer still that there is no big menu board over the counter to crane your neck at and/or squint at and try to read if your vision is less than 20/20. The menu has some very unique items in addition to traditional favorites, so it’s noce to be able to browse a menu in your hands and see what’s in everything.

Speaking of unique items, I got a little adventurous on this visit and tried the Dr. Pepper Cowboy ($3.79) taco with brisket, grilled onions, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, chipotle Cream corn and jack cheese on a hot, thick, hand made flour tortilla. The brisket was impressively prepared, tender and flavorful enough to be the pride of a small town barbecue joint. The chipotle cream corn and barbecue sauce were a perfect compliment to the brisket. I like a lot of sauce and flavor and the Dr. Pepper Cowboy did not disappoint. While eating this saucy taco had the potential to be a messy affair if the tortilla were to break, that didn’t happen and is unlikely to because the tortillas are so darned thick.

My second taco was from the breakfast menu, which is served all day and night like the rest of the menu. The Dr. Seuss ($3.79) was filled with roasted hatch green chiles, eggs, bacon, grilled onions and pepper jack queso.  They were out of the queso (so yummy they ran out) and substitued jack cheese on my taco. It was a very good taco with the jack and the bacon was nice, thick and perfectly cooked. Even though it was good with the jack, I really have liked the queso on other tacos before, so I’m looking forward to trying it again with the queso.

Fuego Totrilla Grill is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter when you’ve got a craving for some great mexican food, they’ll be there to cook up something hot, fresh and delicious just for you.

Contact & Location Information:

Fuego Tortilla Grill
108 Poplar, College Station, TX


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