A College Student’s Grocery Shopping Checklist

The Scene

c3867cd6-b965-4755-8f19-0fa12d0fa80fWhen you think about college, you don’t immediately think about your grocery shopping. You think about classes, studying, making new friends, attending interesting events, managing your finances. but groceries? Yes, groceries. I know that up until now groceries may have been at the bottom of your to-do list, being a task your family used to take care of. However, now it’s the time to make it, if not a priority, at least a habit. It will save you money, while also offering you a supply of snacks to keep you going through long study sessions.

Luckily, TAMU has a lot of grocery stores nearby, readily accessible by bus, bike or car. You’ll be able to hop on and off, do your shopping and be right back in campus or if you live in off-campus housing, easily get back. All this without endlessly wandering among the isles without any clue of…

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