Restaurant Preview : Blaze Pizza, Century Square

Blaze Pizza is a new pizza concept for College Station that will be soon opening in Century Square on University Drive. Today we visited an Austin location of this popular pizzeria to see what all the buzz is about.

It’s set up like a “subway” of high quality, fire oven pizza. The line is similar to the popular sandwich shop, with a bigger variety of high quality toppings.

They can either make a specialty pizza for you, or let you pick and choose the ingredients in a custom pizza of your creation, unlimited toppings included!

I chose the latter option, with the spicier red pizza sauce (there are 5 sauces to choose from), shaved mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, chorizo, bacon, pepperoni, garlic, and grilled onions.

I may be biased, but compliments to the chef! Loved it. The toppings were excellent quality, the crust was just right, the service on point, cheerful, helpful for first timers like myself, and fast!

They also had a nice selection of salads and some interesting fresh lemonade options at the soda fountain.

College Station is gonna love Blaze Pizza at Century Square.



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