Restaurant Preview: Zoe’s Kitchen Coming to Century Square

Zoe’s Kitchen will soon add another light and healthy dining option to the Texas A&M area when they open at Century Square in early 2017. Today, I stopped in for a “restaurant preview” at an Austin area location of the popular Mediterranean eatery.

The chicken kabobs are one of the most popular items on the menu with good reason. I have ordered them in the past at Zoe’s more than once.
Tonight, I opted for a bowl of tomato bisque soup and a grilled sandwich, the Gruben. Their own healthy take on the Reuben where turkey replaces corned beef and marinated slaw subs for sauerkraut.
The tomato bisque has a spicy kick to it and comes with a few slices of bread to scoop up every last bit of the generous portion.
The Gruben has not displaced the Reuben as my favorite sandwich, but it certainly has a great flavor profile all its own and is not as heavy.
Health minded folks in Aggieland will love Zoe’s. People who just want something delicious regardless of nutritional value will find plenty to love in the flavorful menu too. The Mediterranean fare is healthy without tasting bland or leaving you wanting another meal after you just ate.

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