Veritas : Live Jazz and Lively Dishes

by Anna Perkinson, Restaurant Reviewer

How about some live jazz music, creative and delectable food and excellent service on a Friday night? Try Veritas, you will be so glad you did!

I had Lump Crab Cakes tonight. They were light and fresh tasting and the two different drizzles of sauce to go with them were perfect. The lemon was slightly baked so the juice squeezed out easily. The presentation was lovely – it was like a small still-life painting. I asked the bartender to suggest a rich and exotic beer to go with them. She chose Buried Hatchet Stout brewed in Conroe, TX by Southern Star Brewing Company for me. Wow, it was exactly what I wanted – very rich, thick and flavorful.

I was feeling happy and decided to have some French press coffee and a special dessert. Again, I asked the bartender for a suggestion. She said that the Basque Almond Cake was her favorite so, that’s what I got. Look at that presentation! I almost didn’t want to disturb it with my spoon. I really can’t do justice to describing the taste of that dessert with mere words. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to dine in such a wonderful restaurant. You are welcome to order a half entrée or even a half a glass of wine if you like.

I was enjoying myself so much that I even got up danced all by myself to Moon River while I waited for my French press coffee to arrive. The other patrons clapped for me. It’s a very friendly and relaxing place to dine.


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