Cajun’s Bayou Grille Opening Soon In Wellborn

12376448_1706200009592561_5812832300234007413_nCajun’s Bayou Grill will soon be a spicy and welcome addition to the dining scene in far south College Station dining scene when they open their doors in the very near future. The restaurant is being opened by the folks who operate Cajutex Foods and Crawfish to Geaux.

The cajun eatery will feature cooking by Boudreaux. Who is Boudreaux? According to the Cajun’s Bayou Grill website:

 Boudreaux says: I’m a “real” Cajun who was born in Houma, Louisiana (’bout 60 miles SW of New Orleans). Growing up around amazing cooking, fresh seafood and a “come pass a good time” culture, I gained my love of great food at an early age! I’ve always enjoyed cookin’, sippin’, laughin’, eatin’ and entertainin’ and I’ve been known to throw many seafood boils every season! When I moved to Bryan, Texas in 1988, I quickly discovered that there were not many places that served quality Cajun favorites and boiled seafood cooked the way I was used to eatin’ it, so I created “CAJUNS Bayou Grille” to fix dat! We feature high quality Cajun Favorites and Fresh Boiled Seafood. We offer Gumbo, Etouffee’, Creole, Poboys and more! “Get you a stack of nashkins to wipe you mouth cuz here we geaux! Now Dat’s Good!”


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