Eatology Cooks Crave-worthy Foods with Focus on Fitness

Switching to a healthy diet won’t make a lasting change in a person’s lifestyle or physique unless the diet is made up of dishes people actually want to eat…maybe even crave. Eatology Paleo Zone, a local kitchen that makes and delivers healthy meals all over town and across the country, has figured that out.

Eatology specializes in meals geared toward fat loss without sacrificing taste, while providing all the nutrients needed for optimum health.

After trying several of their fresh-made re-heatable meals at home, I can honestly say I want more. There are even a few entrees I am craving. Not the typical reaction one would expect eating food engineered for fitness.

Tasty and never boring. Those are two key ingredients to a healthy diet that lasts. Eatology’s dishes deliver.

Everything I ate from Eatology was delish! A couple of my favorites were the Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers with Roasted Artichoke Spinach & Carrot fries and the Roasted Fall Veggie Pizza.

However, good food is just part of a healthy diet. We also need to learn when and how to eat. To understand the science behind getting the fat off our behinds.

Eatology owner Laurah Lawson not only makes great, perfectly balanced and portioned food, she teaches how to plan meals, how to shop at the grocery store for the right ingredients, and even how to “cheat” on the diet.

According to Lawson, “Eating is not something people are ever taught. The corporate strategy of counting calories, watching points…is just not cutting it. These methods do little more than band-aide our nation’s weight epidemic because they fail to TEACH us how to apply real-life, real-time, foodie-needs into everyday practice.”

“One of the best ways I have found to teach others how to sustain balanced eating is to allow them the foods so many “diets” restrict. Let’s face it — people are going to cheat on their mealplans, eat things their trainers have banned and fall off the bandwagon. Everyone does it.”

“I want to show people how they can cheat healthier. Cheat cleaner. Find freedom from food. Ultimately, how they can make the foods they love work into their lifestyles.”

To learn more about Lawson and Eatology Paleo Zone, visit


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