Texas 21 Saloon Brings Food & Fun to Hwy. 21

Texas 21 Saloon, just east of Highway 6 on Highway 21, just opened six weeks ago and is anready gaining a reputation for great food.

I stopped in to give the menu a try for a late lunch this afternoon and concur with the word on the street…um highway. Damn good food!

First to disappear quickly into my mouth was the Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Taco made fresh to order. It came out HOT….and not microwave hot…FRESH MADE HOT! The sausage was flavorful and didn’t leave my plate filled with chorizo grease. One of the better breakfast tacos I’ve had, especially at 2pm.

Then I tried the Chipotle Chicken Ranch Sandwich. They knocked it out of the park with that sandwich. Pepperjack, chipotle ranch, and pico blend blissfully on a slightly sweet jalapeno cheese bun.

I sampled the fresh made chili which is included as an appetizer by itself and also tops a few other specialty “chili” menu items.

The menu is unique yet familiar and everything is prepared with attention to quality. The restaurant is part of the Eccell Group, famous for their successful Cafe Eccell and The Backyard on Northgate restaurant copncepts here in Bryan-College Station.


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